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Chocolate Jewels

Chocolate Jewels is the name of our store and the name on the main sticker you will find on products throughout our store. A play off the owner's name, Jules, "Chocolate Jewels" most commonly refers to our hand crafted truffles. Like precious gemstones that have been cut and polished, our hand made truffles are crafted with care! 

Hand Made Truffles
While we normally use a variety of chocolates, colors, toppings and decorations in creating our hand made truffles, you can place a special order to have truffles made in the shape, flavors, and decorations of your choosing for your special event!

These chocolates in the shape of jewels are foil wrapped in shiny metallic foils. Chocolate Jewels are easier to eat than real gem stones!

To place a custom order please
Call 1-888-51-CANDY
Or visit us in store!

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